say hello to my little friends

ooh – i’ve been sitting in my room for most of the last 36 hours, finishing the last of the six books in the “middle school survival series” (i co-authored the first four with kurt johnston, and these last two with scott rubin). i’ve just finished pulling together all the bits and bobs and uploading the final manuscript to the ys publishing site.

yes! dang, it feels good to finish that! (funny, i just called scott — who’s elsewhere in this hotel right now — and told him the only thing missing were two sidebars from him, and did he have any idea when… he cut me off and said, “dude, i’m writing them right now! leave me alone!”)

so… now i can fully shift my attention to the convention, and the 5000 youth workers arriving today and tomorrow! it’s a good thing i can now shift my focus, since scott and i begin teach our critical concerns course on middle school ministry in about, oh, roughly, 46 minutes.

yee-ha! here we go!

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  1. apperently most of those youth workers are coming in later than right now, because we haven’t done alot at reg. today, yet.

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