scot mcknight explains it better than i

no surprise — scot mcknight does a much better job of explaining the red-flag moment we had with him at the junior high pastors summit. here’s his summary of those few wonderfully-tense minutes:

Third, because of the wealth of experience in ministry in this group, I felt at times that I was overmatched by experience: I had some suggestions and they had some “no way buddy” type responses. “Been there, done that, not gonna go there again” response once. What I said was that conversions of teenagers isn’t complete until that person individuates in adulthood — red flags went up everywhere. After the dust settled I think it was a statement on my part that was not complete enough; teenage faith is for teenagers and there is a need for ongoing development of faith as a person matures. As Marko said at his site (linked above), we were agreed when this discussion was over.

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