3 thoughts on “scot mcknight’s youth ministry attempt”

  1. Yup, he’s such a good writer- I see it on the screen behind my eyes, leisure suit & all.

    My husband and I were briefly in “youth ministry” when we were first married (more than 25 years ago) and we did not know what the deuce we were doing- we were among the youngest in the congregation, had the necessary guitar skills and some free time. Willingness, but not real gifting/calling. Hopefully something we were able to give will have survived the sifting.

    I was looking around for you at the NPC but did not find you among the 1700 people there (!)… Just wanted to say hi. I was on a pilgrimage to meet the presenters at the Emerging Church CCC, and hear a few other speakers who were there. My older daughter goes to State, so I was able to spend a bit of time with her (and, as it happened, put down the deposit for her apartment for next year- handy to have mom visiting with her check book!). Anyhow, had a great time, one of the highlights of which was a nice chat with Scot.

    Thanks again for your insights & vulnerability. I appreciate who/what you are/becoming/doing. Blessings to you & family.

    (the one who told you about using vinegar in the smelly car)

  2. My husband and I inherited a junior high youth ministry when we married and my roommate (the former leader) moved away. Three years later we moved across the country and the pastor had “heard we did youth ministry” and somehow, after their first meeting, we “inherited” that group as well. Now, 17 years later, I am 18 months into full-time (though not quite full-time paid) vocational youth ministry at the age of 40.

    Thank you Mark – I love your blogging – and the knowledge that YM isn’t just for the young leaders. My ministry is more creative and thriving than ever! Last year I went to my first NYWC and this summer my husband and I are taking 20 youth to DCLA in Anaheim- driving 3 days each way in a school bus to get there! And I am excited about it! I must either be a youth worker or crazy!

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