seaworld, here i come

i’m off to chaperone for my son max’s 1st grade field trip to seaworld today. i hope my little group doesn’t want to sit in the “splash zone” during the shamu show. ah, living in san diego. i’m sorry for all you parents who have to chaperone your kids field trips to places like this.


i got shat on by a pickin’ seagull. the kids we playing with starfish in a tidepool, and i was having a chat with the teacher. a gull flew over and “striped” me up the front, across the top of my head, and down my back. there’s just no way to gracefully recover from that.

i know, someone reading this will think it serves me right for my arrogance about living in san diego. but i think i can honestly say that a day with seagull crap on your head in san diego is still better than a day without in, say, minneapolis. (c’mon, tony and doug, bring it on — “but some report said we’re in the most liveable city in the US”. yeah, for penguins.)

3 thoughts on “seaworld, here i come”

  1. A.) What the hell is a “pickin'” seagull? Some kind of mutant, smog ruined avian creature?

    2.) Listen, I went with my son on a field trip last week, too. It was to Underwater World. It’s in a mall. So there.

  2. And though Underwater World horribly gouges you, it’s not nearly as bad as the gouging Sea World does.

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