sedona gourmet

we found an amazing organic food store (very much like a whole foods) here in sedona, and splurged a bit, since we’re on vacation and all.

yesterday for lunch, i was a foodie. i had…

slices of the following cheeses:
“chive and onion gloucester”
“chedder with guiness”
and “powerful welsh chedder”
(jeannie also had a “la tur alta langa” – a combo of goat, sheep and cow’s milk soft cheese, which was too much of acquired taste for me)

we ate these slices on:
roasted garlic artisan bread
and blue star farms organic stone ground wheat crackers

along with a nice pinot noir

and pieces of the following chocoate bars:
barcelona bar — 41% cacao deep milk chocolate with hickory smoked almonds and grey sea salt
naga bar — 41% cacao deep milk chocolate with sweet indian curry powder and coconut flakes
black pearl bar — 55% caco dark chocolate with wasabi, ginger, and black seseme seeds
(jeannie and max also had some exotic darker chocolates – i’m not a real dark chocolate guy)

oh, and we had stark crimson pears, donut peaches and pluots.

that’s what i’m talkin’ about.

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