selections from The Youth Cartel’s Unauthorized Dictionary of Youth Ministry (part 2)

the second book published by The Youth Cartel comes out in about a week. it’s a feisty little book of snark and giggles, by steve case, called The Youth Cartel’s Unauthorized Dictionary of Youth Ministry.

today’s sampler platter is a handful of my favorites from the Ds, Es, and Gs:

D is for…

Demon Possession

Those quiet moments at the end of the day on the mission trip when you gather your youth together with (Jimmy stop that) candles and music and read (Shhhh, let’s be quiet now) something meaningful and feel the presence of the Creator God (Ewww, OK, who did that) in your midst (You know what? Just forget it. Go to bed.).

That really weird teenager who sings to himself and spends too much time at the convenience store, and nobody likes him, so he just hangs around you every time you go to the amusement park, and he won’t ride the roller coaster ‘cause it makes him throw up. #apologiestoalldougs

E is for…

Jesus comes hopping out of the tomb and gives everyone chocolate bunnies and jelly beans. #mixedmessages

Good, kindhearted church people who move slowly enough to be used as slalom poles for skateboard races.

G is for…

God’s messenger angel. Usually depicted in art and Sunday school curriculum as having a horn to get people’s attention. Continue this “biblical” custom at your next youth gathering, board meeting, or church event. #funeral

Graduation Gifts
Top five books to give your graduating seniors:

  1. Angry White Grandpa: Not Everyone Sees God Like You Do
  2. Converting The Unconvertible: How To Make A First Impression on Your Roommate.
  3. Real College: Study Habits to keep you from Moving Home with Mom and Dad
  4. Is That a Cross In Your Pocket? Dealing with Missional Temptation
  5. That’s Not Incense: Worship Practices of College Dormitories

i’ll post more in the weeks to come. and, you can pre-order the whole thing here!

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