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i’ve done seminars on junior high ministry (usually two or three) at, i think, 35 different national youth workers conventions. One time, i did a seminar on a broader topic. it went OK. i absolutely love talking about young teen ministry, and will continue to do so.

but this fall i wanted to do something broader again. so i planned on doing a seminar that’s basically a rant about what ticks me off about the american church that i love so much. i had it called “what ticks me off about the american church”. but the thought around here was that the title was too abrasive. fair enough. these alternative titles were suggested:
– “Rethinking Church”
– “How the church needs to change in the 21st century”

and i countered with:
– “Getting up to speed: Changes the church needs for the 21st Century”

but i’m still not happy with it. what do you think? any ideas?

7 thoughts on “seminar title for convention”

  1. if it’s not abrasive, isn’t it just polishing the surface?

    people in our part of the world are frequently liable to overpromising with claims of ‘new’ and ‘different’ when we’re really delivering the same old thing with a defocused photo on the cover.

    how about some ‘edgecraft?’ if our link to an audience can’t survive unadorned, loving, truth, are they not merely customers?

    then again, maybe this opinion explains why i live in a trailer.


  2. i’d rather come to ‘what ticks me off…’ than re-thinking church…

    i’m pretty ticked myself, so i’d love to know i’m not alone! :)

  3. How about:

    “Church, if Jesus is to be included.”

    Yeah. That’s it.

  4. Marko,
    Just wanted to say first, thank you for the work that you and all the YS staff do… YS is such a blessing to youth workers everywhere, so thanks for the commmitment and energy the org brings to ministry to students that are so precious in God’s sight.
    My thought was something like ‘I love the church but…’

  5. I would go with that last suggestion (“I love the church, but…”), and make sure you reserve a big room for this one.

    Thanks for the blog!

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