seminars, dialogues, and learning experiences at the middle school ministry campference

at the middle school ministry campference in a few weeks, we’ll have loads of fun, we’ll have some awesome tribal gatherings, and we’ll have a variety of smaller break-outs. in these smaller setttings, everyone’s voice will be heard. we’ve said it from the beginning on this event: you are needed, and you will be heard.

we’ve just finalized the 14 options for these break-outs, and they fall into 3.5 categories:
seminars: more content from the speaker, but still with plenty of time for questions and discussion
dialogues: the speaker will host a conversation that they’re passionate about (and have some specific knowledge about)
learning experiences: outdoors, active, participatory. you won’t just hear ideas, you’ll try them out.
(you’ll see the other 1/2 format below)

Kurt Johnston

• How can we move away from programs that isolate JHers without being reactionary? — dialogue
• Program vs. Relational vs. Missional (defining your ministry style) — dialogue

Katie Edwards

• Developing Volunteer Leaders – seminar
• How to rock it as a volunteer — dialogue

Brooklyn Lindsey

• Middle School Girls – seminar
• Trends that are impacting us, or should be — dialogue

Johnny Scott

• Creativity and Intentionality in Programming — dialogue

Scott Rubin

• Working with Parents — dialoginar (yes, i made up another word. scott and i were debating on whether to make these a seminar or a dialogue, and we decided to split the difference!)
• Middle School Guys — dialoginar

Me (marko)

• Implications of Adolescent Brain Research – dialogue
• Middle School Culture — dialoginar (yes, i’m going to use that too!)

SpringHill Camp Staff

• 15 fantastic community building activities that anyone can do — learning experience
• Time fillers (when you’ve got to kill a half hour) — learning experience
• Freakin’ awesome games — learning experience

it’s not too late to register! check out the website here; or go here to register.

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