short blog sabbatical for great reasons

i’m sitting in the los angeles airport as i write this, ready to board a flight with my amazing wife jeannie. we’re heading to kauai, hawaii, for 11 days, in celebration of our 25th anniversary (which was actually in january). we’d talked for years about what to do for our 25th anniversary, and strongly considered taking the trip to italy we’ve dreamed of for years. but the freelance lifestyle is a financially cautious lifestyle (you could say we couldn’t afford it, or that we just weren’t comfortable spending that kind of money).

so, we looked into other options. my parents had given us a week of their timeshare to use at some point, so we combined that with an offer to stay in a friend’s cabin on kauai, hawaii, and booked flights with miles. when the cabin turned out to be double-booked, my friend called in a favor, and got us a comp’d room at the sheraton poi’pu. so, other than paying for food and fun and a rental car (and someone to stay with our kids for 11 days!), we have a pretty amazing anniversary trip for next to nothing.

add to that: tomorrow (may 24th) is my birthday. yup, the big 48. crazy close to 50, man.

so… i refuse to hang out online while chillaxing with jeannie in hawaii. i should probably (note to self) start doing what i see so many others do in situations like this, and line up a bunch of guest posts. but i didn’t. so i’m taking a 10 day blog sabbatical.

i hope your next 10 days are at least a fraction as awesome as i expect mine will be.

3 thoughts on “short blog sabbatical for great reasons”

  1. Have a good time, Marko.

    This is biased, but I think I’m going to have a more awesome 11 days. Sarah’s going in Wednesday to be induced, so sometime Wednesday or Thursday we should be meeting Payton for the first time.

    If you want, I can include you by trying to get Marko as her middle name while Sarah’s sleeping after delivery.

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