a couple weeks ago i was tagged by stacy for an itunes shuffle meme. first 15 songs on shuffle mode (with a no cheating commandment). here’s mine:

1. alegrias, by pepe romero, from the album viva guitar, vol. 4

2. christmas time is here, by vince guaraldi, from the album greatest hits

3. over the rainbow, by ray charles and johnny mathis, from the album genius loves company

4. tears in the rain, by joe satriani, from the album the extremist

5. call me when you’re sober, by evanescence, from the album the open door

6. atmosphere, by tobymac, from the album welcome to diverse city

7. burn in hart, by danielson, from the album a prayer for every hour

8. missing link, by squirrel nut zippers, from the album bedlam ballroom

9. they came to die, by lisa gerrard, from the album whale rider soundtrack

10. say i, by creed, from the album human clay

11. can you be true?, by elvis costello, from the album north

12. da funk, by daft punk, from the album homework

13. jokerman, by bob dylan, from the album greatest hits, vol. 3

14. please don’t talk about murder while i’m eating, by ben harper, from the album both sides of the gun

15. overcoming lies, by jeff johnson, from the album a thin silence

so, there you have it! i’ll tag tash mcgill (get a little kiwi in the mix), dave palmer (ooh, a ccm exec who doesn’t listen to ccm), damien o’farrell, and christian dashiell.

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