sick upon arrival

ok, this sucks. i had a raging fever all the way over on the plane, and developed a sore throat so bad i can hardly swallow. paul took me to the home of a doctor friend, who wrote me a prescription for penicilin. hope it works fast.

[[update: sorry to bore you with personal health crap; but this stinks. this morning (tuesday) i’m worse. i’ve never experienced this kind of pain in my throat before — just about want to rip it out! i cringe and break out into a sweat every time i have to swallow. i guess the emergency room — or something similar — is in order today]]

6 thoughts on “sick upon arrival”

  1. hope you feel better soon, i can’t imagine being trapped on a plane feeling so horribly – may the penicillin kill off whatever is bringing you down.

  2. feeling for you….i just returned from my long overdue sabbath trip and fell ill right after I got home. my roomies and I are praying for you that you would recover quick and be refreshed as I was, minus the post-trip illness of course.

  3. I echo the other well wishers and prayers for your speedy recovery. It does suck that this has hit you right at the start of your retreat. My boss, David Brown, gave me a good recipe for conditions like yours – a Hot Tottie – Irish style. If you want the low-down, e-mail and I’ll give it to you. It takes the edge off being sick, will kill any germs in your throat and helps you sleep – really well! Peace.

  4. MO: there’s nothing worse than being sick whilst traveling. Hang in there.

    Actually, a couple robustos might knock out the bad bacteria…

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