4 thoughts on “sidewalk psychology”

  1. Marko – great idea for using at the Conventions. Look forward to seeing how the NYWC team can put the YS spin on something like this for youth workers.

  2. even cooler if you could interact with those questions.. and allow other peoples one sentence replies to help you unpack too.
    removable vinyl cut lettering on the floors, bathroom doors, on seats in the convention centre. it’s like taking a ‘labyrinth’ and placing it around the daily paths of the delegates, interrupting and inviting moments of reflection on the path that people are already walking on. Oh, you could even do a ‘map’ of significant questions and help people to define a starting topic/question as they wander around the weekend.

  3. Or you could use regular light or laser machines with rotating “blurbs” that shine on the floor/walls/ceilings of the convention centers/general session areas/store/swag areas along with the obligatory posters etc. to get the same kind of effect. You could even see if they would let you do a projection of the questions, etc. on the outside of the building to let anyone who goes by be part of the experience too.

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