signs you’re at a youth worker’s wedding

funny post over at the everyday images blog:

Signs you are at a youth worker’s wedding

Some youth workers are married. Others are single. Some will get married during their tenure as a youth worker (and this is in no way any sort of an announcement on my part). Here, then, are the signs that you are at a youth worker’s wedding:

* Rather than a soloist providing music prior to the service, there is a video loop that includes announcements, YouTube clips and the new Hillsong United music video.
* The youth worker half of the happy couple reads the vows from the notes he or she has written on his or her hand.
* Wedding song: David Crowder Band’s Our Love is Loud
* The couple registers at the Youth Specialties web site.
* The reception dinner is pizza and Mountain Dew … just pizza and Mountain Dew.
* There’s no head table at the reception, just a longer couch and larger bean bag chairs.
* Invitations went out on Facebook and included responses from friends of friends of friends from as far away as China.
* You don’t see a professional photographer, but there seems to be an awful lot of young people holding up their cell phones.
* Rather than a punch or champagne fountain, there’s line of Diet Coke bottles and packs of Mentos.
* Not only did you receive the initial invitation, you received reminders via Twitter, text, Facebook and a phone call to your parents.
* The wedding announcement may not appear in the local newspaper, but the couple really hopes that Marko or Josh blog about it.
* DJ? We don’t need a DJ, we have DDR and Guitar Hero!

10 thoughts on “signs you’re at a youth worker’s wedding”

  1. * the Session wouldn’t allow the wedding in the sanctuary.
    * The rehearsal dinner was a lock-in
    * Half the guests had to have their cars jumped off, the other half arrived in white vans.
    * There was an argument over which version of scripture to use.

  2. i like ken’s extension.
    so im wondering.. can you really register at YS?
    not that im anywhere needing registering for stuff, but that would be cool…

  3. Hah! I got married a little over a year ago and some of those come really close to our wedding. If we could of registered at ys we (I) certainly would have!

  4. *invitations include the words Awesome and Free highlighted, bolded, and follow by “!!!!!!”
    *minister pauses repeatedly to ask the jr. highers to stop farting during the vows
    *for a honeymoon the youth mission trip to mexico via school bus.

  5. *All the wedding party have had background checks before they could seat people at the wedding.

    *The ring bearer rides in on a mini fourwheeler and rides off with the flower girl.

    *All the seats in the front are empty, and everyone who is there is asleep in the back.

  6. Sounds like a good wedding (more fun than most).

    By the Way…our rehearsal dinner was pizza and sodas (pretty much just that though I’m sure my mom threw in a salad or some carrots and ranch) and it started around 11 pm because we had an evening graduation (ours from Biola) beforehand and then the girls all crashed at her place and the guys at mine so we did actually have an overnighter…never realized how much of a youth activity it was…they all came to the wedding the next day obviously.

  7. Ha! My friends just got married this summer and we in the wedding party TOTALLY wanted to do Rock Band and DDR at the reception.

  8. Great stuff! My wife and I got married 3 years ago and we had snowcones and popcorn as part of our reception. Our students LOVED it!

  9. that was the least funny blog i ever read. i was expecting to crack up, thank God for “rooster’s” comments on here. Major LOL.

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