sorry for the blog silence.  my vacation has actually been ramping up into a true vacation.  we’re on the road today (just stopped at starbucks) to northern michigan for a family wedding and family reunion.  tonite, a bachelor party for my cousin (waterskiing on a lake with the guys).  tomorrow morning, i’ll be skydiving over traverse bay (correction: little traverse bay — between petosky and harbor springs).  tomorrow night, rehearsal dinner (which is really a family reunion). saturday morning, a best-ball golf tourny. saturday evening, the wedding.  sunday, drive back down to detroit and fly to san diego.  doubt i’ll get to much blogging.  later!

(oh, sitting here in starbucks, i did just have a youth worker come in and ask if i was mark oestreicher, and chat for a bit.  nice guy.  that doesn’t happen to me very often — always feels weird.)

6 thoughts on “silence”

  1. I had a silence too, a month in Europe with little access to the net and then.. the blue screen of death on my laptop. I found out how addicted I am to the net,my blog and email… Is tehre a 12 step program for me?

    anyway I was driving thru Hungary and saw a town named… MARKO, I almost took a picture for you, but lazyness took over and I didnt get it done, fine little town though you could move there and be Mayor

  2. marko…swing on through on your way back down on sunday. our church is off of i-75 (just south of birch run/frankenmuth…which by the way has a starbucks for ya). New Covenant’s the name…good times man. Jaime Hinojosa’s old church (before she moved to GR, so you know you’re in good company).

    11:15 man…and the youthguy’s speaking in big church this week. Can’t lose ;)

  3. Mark, I was the one you met in the Starbucks, just a little hurt that you did not remember my name. I would like one free addmission to YS as reperation. BTW the family and you were very nice, sorry if I talked to long(at least that is what my wife said. I told her after the money I have given your organization, 10 minutes was not to much time. Let me know if you think I have unhealthy expectations or boundaries.

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