silent retreat and blog silence

i’m heading off, in a few minutes, for my quarterly 3-day silent retreat. i’m really ready for this one. it’s been such a long run of travel and events and houseguests and christmas planning and everything else. it will be SO good for me to completely disconnect and shut up for three whole days: no email, no cell phone, no internet, no tv, no blogging. and most importantly: no talking. i spend so much of my life talking (or communicating in some other form — like emails). this no-talking or communicating pause button works like a de-toxification (the first 24 hours) and recalibration (the next two days) in my life.

i’m going to a new place this time. a wonderful couple in my church own a small cabin about 90 minutes east of here (i’m in east county san diego), over the mountains, and just into the desert. i have a friend who’s been there, and he said it’s really in the middle of no-where. i’m a tiny bit intimidated by the location, as i have to turn on power and water and such, and it feels a bit like the movie deliverance. but i’m sure it’s going to be wonderful and quiet. and the lack of cell phone signal out there means i won’t even be tempted to turn on my phone to check my email.

so… that said, i won’t be posting until tuesday evening or wednesday. see ya!

5 thoughts on “silent retreat and blog silence”

  1. i’m always curious about your family time. you seem super busy, always on the go, and it’s sweet that you take your kids with you a lot, but, how do you make sure you’re giving enough time to your family: your wife and kids?
    just curious for some good pointers, as it’s a constant juggle for me to make sure i put time with my wife and son first… you know what i mean?

  2. Thanks for you work. May God bless you during this quiet time…may He meet with you, and reveal Himself to you in an unusual way. :)

  3. Marko, God bless you with all the possible benefits of your retreat. You and the YS gang do incredible work and I’m so glad you’re taking care of yourself so you can continue to be in God’s path for you!

  4. justin — i’m the last person who should be giving out advice on your question. this is why i’ve had to make the choice to take a year-long speaking sabbatical, because i so suck at regulating my travel in a way that honors my commitment to my wife and kids. i was struggling with scheduling this quarterly 3-day silent retreat also, because it meant another 3 days away from family. but my wonderful wife said, “of all the travel you do, this is the ONE thing you need to NOT cancel.” so there you have it — my wife knows the value of these retreats, both for her, for me, and for our family.

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