singularly, THE most maddening game ever

and a bit sadistic also. took me a few extremely frustrating minutes to figure out the trick, and then massive quantities of patience. here.

(ht to steve case and others)

[[update: here’s a second one someone just sent me that TOTALLY got me!!!]]

11 thoughts on “singularly, THE most maddening game ever”

  1. I still can’t figure out the first one…but I just about beat level 3 on the second one…then…well, not to bring up underwear on your blog again Marko, but I think I need a new pair! And possibly a new heart!! Yikes!!

  2. Marko- Thanks for the tip. Now if I could just get some help with my ADHD. I made it to level 7…loved shooting the cannon w/out killing the pooch!

  3. What the heck is with that freakshow face? What is that from because I see it overused all over the internet and need to kick the knee of whomever made it.

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