slide rock

yesterday, we spent a good portion of the day at slide rock state park, just north of sedona. amazing little place, where a beautiful, cold and clear river has carved out a natural waterslide out of the red rock. there are parts that really are like a waterslide, and other parts that are shallow water over extremely slippery flat rocks (which, if you relax and stay flat — on tummy or back — will allow you to slide along slowly). and there are some deeper sections with rock high on the sides, perfect for jumping.

jeannie and i are particularly sore this morning, as middle-aged people get when bashing their various body parts against rock all day. i had one jump where the landing spot wasn’t really deep enough, and i hit bottom (with my feet) hard, my knees buckled, and i smashed one knee on the rock bottom. so that knee is swollen and stiff this morning.

when we were here 5 or 6 years ago, my brother-in-law, my nephew and i jumped of a spot a bit downriver, under an overpass, out of the view of the crowds, that was about 50 feet high (into a deep cold pool). we went to that spot yesterday, and i had absolutely no interest in jumping. liesl wanted to jump there, and is hoping we’ll go back another day this week to jump at that spot. i’m hoping she’ll forget.




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  1. Oh my goodness! You have caused me major flashback memories! Slide Rock was a popular playground for us NAU students (Northern Arizona University) well over 20 years ago. Unfortunately, beer-drinking, hard-partying college students are NOT good stewards of the enviornment. Fortunately, the state of Arizona stepped in. I’ve been back since, and it isn’t quite the same now, but I’m glad that my son may some day get to hang out there with his kids. I’m glad you and your family had fun here in my home state!

  2. I’m jealous. My family took a trip to Sedona about a year ago, but wild fires and lack of rain had the Slide Rock area closed. We had to make do with laying around the pool and walking through Sedona (Gatlinburg of the West).

  3. Totally had forgotten about that piece of my teen years. That was a part of my first youth group trip to the Grand Canyon back in 1984.

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