what a fun app! slide allows you to upload images, then convert them in a wide variety of presentation styles. i tried it using this old movie reel style (actually, i think it was called 8mm), populated by pics from my recent writing trip to mexico with my son, max. i can’t find how to remove the “file names” on the photos, which, for mine, was just the photo file number. so that’s lame looking — but i’ll have to poke around some more to find that. i certainly don’t want to have to rename all my photos before doing something like that.

(ht to some youth worker whose blog i was looking at this morning, who used this app, and whom i cannot remember, and i’m really, really sorry for not linking to you!)

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  1. i’ve used slide a few times now and really like it. to take the captions out or edit what they say, just click on the box, under the picture, on the page where you upload your pics and edit the presentation. once you click on the box, the caption (or pic i.d.) is highlighted. you can then change to what you want said or just backspace to delete it all.

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