small world awkwardness

the following is an actual conversation that took place at the urinals in the men’s restroom, at the hyatt lodge at hamburger university (mcdonald’s headquarters, in oakbrook, chicago area) recently…

alan ramsey (youth worker from tennesee): i sure do miss san diego.

me: oh, i always forget you grew up there. what part did you live in again?

alan: rancho san diego, where you live!

business man at the urinal on the other side of alan: rancho san diego? i live in rancho san diego!

me: really? where?

business man: i live in monarch ridge.

me: no way! i live in hillsdale ranch! (hillsdale ranch and monarch ridge are side-by-side subs.)

everyone: (awkward silence.)

me (a bit more quietly): let’s not shake hands right now.

4 thoughts on “small world awkwardness”

  1. I think I have some friends that work at youth specialties. Or at least friends of friends. I want to say my friend Joel’s friend Jarrett’s wife works there. (That sounded like the attendance scene from Ferris Bueller.)

    Anyway, I owe you a big thanks for sending readers to my blog. That was awesome of you and I really appreciate it. Thanks for the love

  2. I think this may be an important video for us all to remind ourselves of proper male restroom etiquette.

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