soccer mom of the week, so far

ever had a facsimile of this mom as a parent of a youth group kid?

It’s Sunday afternoon and a semifinal soccer match is dissolving into screaming and shoving. A referee is accosted, a supporter punched, a police officer – who tries to intervene – scratched. Arrests are made and an embarrassed team is withdrawn from the tournament.

Think we’re talking about World Cup play? Not even close. These histrionics took place at an “under-8” match for boys in Pickering on the weekend. The referee? A 14-year-old girl.

Now, an irate soccer mom who disagreed with the girl’s officiating faces assault charges.

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2 thoughts on “soccer mom of the week, so far”

  1. I can see this in the first day of school, “so johnny what happened to you this summer?”
    “Well my mom attack a 14 girl referee in my soccer game”
    Seriously this is why soccer should be banned!!!

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