soccer mom of the week, so far

ever had a facsimile of this mom as a parent of a youth group kid?

It’s Sunday afternoon and a semifinal soccer match is dissolving into screaming and shoving. A referee is accosted, a supporter punched, a police officer – who tries to intervene – scratched. Arrests are made and an embarrassed team is withdrawn from the tournament.

Think we’re talking about World Cup play? Not even close. These histrionics took place at an “under-8” match for boys in Pickering on the weekend. The referee? A 14-year-old girl.

Now, an irate soccer mom who disagreed with the girl’s officiating faces assault charges.

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2 thoughts on “soccer mom of the week, so far”

  1. I can see this in the first day of school, “so johnny what happened to you this summer?”
    “Well my mom attack a 14 girl referee in my soccer game”
    Seriously this is why soccer should be banned!!!

  2. Soccer should be banned? This kind of thing happens every year in little league games! It is pretty pathetic how common this kind of behavior is becoming.

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