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my friend lars rood just published a piece on (youthworker journal’s website) about how we leveraged social media on our recent trip to haiti. it offers a somewhat different perspective on our trip than our blog post about stories from haiti. and it certainly brings out some implications for how youth workers might think about using social media for their short-term trips.

here’s a snippet from the end of the article:

Utilizing social media to get more people to team up with the YMATH team has resulted in a huge outpouring of support and a desire within others to go to Haiti. The experiment of using social media to engage people with the stories of Haiti has proven to be an incredible new way of doing missions. No longer will parents drop off students at an airport and have to wonder what they are doing during their trip. Church congregations don’t have to be separated from their ambassadors as they serve in far-away lands. Using all the available technology will help families, churches and friends experience the trip and feel as though they are a part or the experience. This is a new reality for missions.

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  1. Thanks Marko for posting this; I agree wholeheartily. On our recent trip into Haiti we also took advantage of social media sites to keep family and mission-supporters notified of where we were and what we were doing.

  2. I’ve been using our youth blog, my iphone, and wifi access to make daily updates on our mission trips for the past 3 years, and parents have loved it. It has created a connectivity in our community that otherwise would have never existed. It was especially powerful during our mission to Ecuador last summer. I had notes from parents and members of the church for weeks after the trip thanking me for allowing them to live out of the mission through the daily blog updates. Through pictures and stories, they felt like they were there themselves, and they found themselves checking the blog often hoping for a new update. Awesome stuff, and I highly recommend all youth workers try to utilize technology in this fashion.

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