some no-travel-costs openings in my speaking schedule

looking at my travel schedule over the next few months, i have a handful of days or evenings where i’ll be stuck in a particular city in-between other engagements. that means, if you’d like me to:
– speak for your youth group or event
– lead a parent training event
– lead some youth ministry training
– provide some consulting, or a bit of custom coaching
i’m available without you needing to pay travel costs.

here’s the list:

sunday morning and afternoon, february 12, in chicago, il

thursday, march 8, in san antonio, tx

friday, march 9, in vancouver, bc

saturday evening, march 17, in detroit, mi

sunday, march 18, in detroit, mi

friday evening, april 20, in atlanta, ga

saturday evening, april 21, in either atlanta, ga, or nashville, tn

sunday morning, april 22, in either atlanta, ga, or nashville, tn

sunday afternoon or evening, april 22, in nashville, tn

wednesday evening, april 25, in nashville, tn

sunday, may 6, in detroit, mi

if you’d like to connect about the possibility of me helping you, please shoot me an email at [email protected]

11 thoughts on “some no-travel-costs openings in my speaking schedule”

  1. Wait, you mean there’s no openings in Tupelo, MS? I can’t believe you aren’t going to be visiting our fine metropolitan city in the next few months.

  2. Hey, I was hoping you could come hang out in Jackson, MS, too! I can’t believe we moved away from San Diego …

  3. Hi Marko. I’m at a small/medium church just across the border from Vancouver. I’m curious about woking on 3/9 as a training day (either for parents or for area youth workers). Can you send me the other cost info? And, of course we’d cover minimal transportation cost from Vancouver to Bellingham as well. Thanks.

  4. Every time you post one of these no travel cost updates I excitedly look through the list … and every time I’m disappointed! You need more East coast on your agenda! lol

  5. There’s a seafood dinner waiting for you in New Orleans. I don’t have a speaking assignment, but if you’re ever here, I’ll take you out to dinner.


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