6 thoughts on “sometimes i wish my imagination weren’t so vivid”

  1. Marko – I need to mail you something. Calvary Church has been celebrating our 75th anniversary this fall and we have been putting out history packets of each decade. Your picture is in the 90s and you look beautiful!


  2. My comment has nothing to do with your post but I was trying to find a way to send you a message and this is what I found!

    My 13 year old son brought home a page with your Habits Help list on it, which I think is excellent, with one exception. I would encourage to make one addition to your suggested list of mentors: parents!! I realize that a lot of youth can’t imagine their parents in that position, but lots of others can and shouldn’t parents be their first mentors, anyway?

    Thanks for a great resource!

  3. debbie — i’m not sure what the “habits help” list is. i’m wondering if it’s actually something from simply youth ministry’s “habits” curriculum (that’s not our product).

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