sorry for the silence

we’ve been working to move my blog over the weekend. well, to be fair, adam mclane has been working to move my blog over the weekend. it was the only ys thing still remaining on the gospelcom servers. he’d backed it up and done the upgrades and started to migrate the content, and the everything worked perfectly – except moving the last 6 month of posts and comments. he tried again: same thing. eventually it worked, apparently. but i wasn’t able to post, and kept seeing (you may have noticed, if you actually visit this blog, not just read it through a reader) that the newest post was about 6 months old).

anyhow. all is good now. and ysmarko happily rests in its new server-home. sure glad adam did this work — i would have been clueless man.

4 thoughts on “sorry for the silence”

  1. I use Sage for my feed reader (or whatever it’s called – I’m so tech savvy). Anyway, when it went looking for you the last few days, the top/latest post was, “whoa. an actual snake on an actual plane.” When I clicked on the link, it went to May 17, “Cool Arkalmighty stories starting to come in”. I think something’s still not working, but I’m not sure if it’s you or me.

  2. Just to clarify, there is still a tiny amount of work to do. So be prepared that you still may see some weird stuff yet today.

    (and thanks Todd, I’ll drop $10 off later for that)

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