spiderman 3


saw it with jeannie and the kids last night, with GREAT anticipation.

omg! it totally sucked! i mean, i’m still in a bit of a shock that they could possibly make it THAT bad! boring, slow, full of speeches, cheesy. yes, it had a few decent special effects. but, it just blew!

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  1. Umm go figure. They spent 350 million essentially on a 2 hour commercial to sell toys. Shocking that it was bad. Sad that it was that bad though.

  2. Well, it was better than Facing the Giants. Have you heard of that movie yet? It was produced and made in GA and it went mainstream, sort of. Anyway, a total religious movie that made me feel like I was watching a 2 hour Judgement House…lol. You should watch it…you will feel better about your Spiderman 3 experience.

  3. Sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy your spidey experience marko. i just saw it this afternoon with my wife, and as a comic fan, spiderman fan, and movie buff i thoroughly enjoyed it. Yes, there was some cheese (it is a prerequisite to a comic book film, ya know), and some of the pacing felt a little odd (there were times i could sense Raimi’s exhaustion with the franchise), overall the package was a good one. Especially when at the end i am walking out of the theater looking at all of the spots of fall and redemption that i can use within ministry contexts.

  4. As a comic book fan this movie was not very good. Too cheesy! Very disappointing. What were they doing the last three years since the last one.

  5. Quite a different take on the movie from Mark Batterson over at evotional.com . Now I don’t know if I should see it or not! I guess I will just wait until I can use some free passes that I have :-)

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