4 thoughts on “spot the differences game”

  1. I made it to the beach party – and I have to say…I’m weak!!! I have already played http://www.freerice.com today…can you tell that I am trying to write a paper. Sigh.
    Glad you are having a fulfilled time at the conference.

  2. Got through on about the 10th full game try. Actually, there is another level where you have to spot the differences in the whole world. I only had one life left the first time I made it there and bombed the first time. The second time I had four lives left and made it through on the second.

    For the Hard level, I have only spotted two differences in the single item portion (the middle shack, I can’t remember the name offhand). The scale can move to the right just a bit, and the sign behind the scales can go blank. I haven’t found any others yet.

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