st. louis NYWC, friday night

we’re off and running. had a good day yesterday, with the first half the the critical concerns course i’m co-leading with scott rubin on middle school ministry. walked the exhibit hall last evening. then jet lag overwhelmed me. so, after tweaking some media for a seminar today, i climbed in bed very early for convention: 10pm. of course, jeannie and max arrived from san diego at 11, so i was up for 45 minutes again.

today was a full day: the 2nd half of the CCC, then the opening general session, followed by the seminar i’m co-leading with mark riddle called “the expectations that killed the youth worker” (which went substantially better here than it did in SD, after we re-organized the entire thing). dinner with some old friends, then the evening general session, which just ended. chris hill was bringing it tonite, and duffy robbins did a nice job of opening the convention earier today. crowder was brilliant as usual, and flatfoot 56 and jars of clay were wonderful today.

i had a major computer issue just before my afternoon seminar. my computer would not fire up. luckily, one of zondervan’s IT dudes happens to be here (for a store software thing), and he was able to come over and help me get it fixed JUST in time for my seminar to start. but now, i’m noticing, after all of that, that various system things (like, at the moment, the title of this webpage) are in arabic. seriously. i’m getting extremely tired of having font problems with my new mac. it’s massively tainting my mac experience.

tomorrow’s a slightly lighter day for me, but not by much. less presentations. but meetings filling in the blanks.

i got a fun gift today from blogger marty estes and his wife erin. i was in the midst of my computer crisis at the moment, and kind of gave marty a brush-off (sorry, marty! i was in a panic!). he brought me a cute (dorky, jesus-junky) gift bag full of dorky jesus junk, in honor of my semi-regular “jesus junk of the month awards” here on they included a nice encouraging note also.

i also got a bit freaked tonite just before i was going to walk up on stage to introduce jerod hall (the illusionist). i very nice looking middle-aged woman came up to me and touched the sides of my head and said, “i think this is the sexiest look you’ve ever had.” i laughed nervously and backed up two or three steps. i’m sure she meant nothing by it other than to compliment me on my fabio hair; but it totally unnerved me!

loved it when, after crowder talked about having a hoe-down, chris hill (an african american) took the stage and said, “a hoe-down in my neighborhood means something completely different.”

5 thoughts on “st. louis NYWC, friday night”

  1. OK, that’s a weird font problem. But if you have some spare time ::::snort::: over the next few days, there are two Apple stores in STL: Galleria and West County. You could always have someone run it to a genius bar (if you could b without you mac for a few hours, ha. I’m just sayin’…)

  2. omg. what a hilarious day. it seems like you should play it in fast forward and make a rock video out of it. i just cant seem to think of a song right now…

  3. I am pretty sure that “Stephanie” is MY Stephanie (the ::::snort::: sounded like hers). Assuming that, I feel pretty comfortable saying that if you were to visit the Apple store in Galleria, “Stephanie” would appreciate it if you stopped by Lush (right next door) and picked up random things for her to then pass off to me in Atlanta.

  4. Your Mac issues sound like a little justice for all the PC lovers disenfranchised by your “Macs being superior to PC’s” comments you made during day one the CCC ;)

    As an IT professional, I think I can make a theologically safe statement that God allowed computers to be on the face of the earth to test and strengthen our faith in Him….

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