stiff-arming yorkshire pudding

we continued our noodle binge today, eating at noodle time in greenwich. and this evening, with liesl extremely ‘done’ for the day, i left her watching cartoon network in our room and walked down the street for a curry (as they say here, or, “for indian food”, as we say in the states): chicken khorma and peshwari nan, my favorites. yum. yes, we did more than eat today — shut up!


oh, i found these extremely cool t-shirts today in the craft market in greenwich that were handlettered with japanese caligraphy. the word choices in XXL shirts were a bit limited, and when i told jeannie that i bought one that says “calmness” (at least it does in theory), she laughed so hard, liesl could hear the laugh from my cell phone in the next room. i thought that maybe it would be nice to get something that’s not exactly me, so to speak — a gentle suggestion. yeah. we’ll see.

bonus pic: liesl and the tower bridge:


tomorrow we go here…


4 thoughts on “stiff-arming yorkshire pudding”

  1. I am loving your travelogue. Two years ago I accompanied my then 12 year old daughter on a field hockey tour of England/Scotland and this is bringing back many good memories. We too enjoyed the London Eye.

  2. I wonder if when your daughter gets a little bit older she is going to look back and really “love” that you put these pictures of her eating on the world wide web.

  3. marko excellent choice of resturants so far exactly where i’ll be heading when i am over next month – but remember the craic is always better in the emerald isle

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