stinkin’ hilarious jack handy article

i’ve always loved jack handy (remember “deep thoughts with jack handy” on SNL?). i have most (all?) of his books. i giggle uncontrollably when i read them. as i did when i read this article from the new yorker.

favorite lines:
This is not playtime or make-believe. This is real. It’s as real as a beggar squatting by the side of the road, begging, and then you realize, Uh-oh, he’s not begging.
This is as real as a baby deer calling out for his mother. But his mother won’t be coming home anytime soon, because she is drunk in a bar somewhere.

(ht to tony jones)

3 thoughts on “stinkin’ hilarious jack handy article”

  1. I would walk in someplace and slap down a five-dollar bill and say, “Give me all you got,” and not even know what they had there.

    Oh how I wish it were true.

  2. Love “deep thoughts”. From the 70s – to the mid 90s SNL was the best!!! I wonder if anyone would know if you and Tic said “We
    re just 2 wild and crazy guys” if any young “Youthworkers” would get that?

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