stuck in detroit

travel mess, once again.

we’d already changed liesl’s ticket to let her come home on friday and spend more time with her cousin. so jeannie, max and i went to the airport at crack-o-dawn-o’clock this morning; but max and jeannie were on one flight, and i was on another (frequent flier seats). well, they left; but my flight was all jacked, and i’m back in ann arbor (go blue!) for another 24 hours.

the stinky thing of this (besides that all my clean clothes are in the luggage jeannie took) is that i’m speaking tomorrow night for a cool nazarene youth worker event in san diego. and i sure would have rather gotten home today.

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  1. Marko (and Jason)- I’m guessing that you guys have heard, but I just got a call from BJ at OtB about Sandy Richert. She is in the hospital now and they expect her to pass soon. Rolly and family are there, but I can’t imagine how hard this is for them. What an incredible, Christ-like woman.

    Thought you would want to know.

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