stuck in the middle

tomorrow morning i have a 6:2o am flight (those should be illegal) to kansas city to speak at the stuck-in-the-middle event for middle school students. sean meade is a great guy with a vision for reaching middle school students in the kansas city area. he’s really put together a world-class event for middle schoolers. i’m doing one main session, plus a seminar for kids and a seminar for youth workers. the other main session speakers are heather flies, fred lynch, and sean himself. starfield will be there to lead worship, and an improv group (panic squad) is doing drama and comedy. plus, they have tons of great surprises planned. i’m staying ’til sunday so i can hang out with friends in the area.

2 thoughts on “stuck in the middle”

  1. Awesome job this weekend.

    “If I were your God” made Jay’s highlight video =)

    Also, we had a 76 year old woman (a youth sponsor) tell her youth leader that she learned more about junior high development in your workshop than she did in her entire masters program.

    Awesome job…and thanks again!

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