stuff christians like: praying with your hands on people

fantastically funny post on stuff christians like recently, about the basic people types when laying on hands for prayer. includes:
1. The Tickler

2. The Kung Fu Gripper

3. The Lingerer

4. Sir Sweaty McSweaterton

5. The Awkwarder

click through and read the descriptions. i think i’ve had each of these people lay hands on me at one point or another.

7 thoughts on “stuff christians like: praying with your hands on people”

  1. Working with youth I would like to add three more types of people…

    1) The high schooler who thinks it is funny to touch the butt of his good friend next to him

    2) The friend who is then unashamed to yell “Who’s touching my butt?!?” right as the prayer is starting

    3) The small group of guys who now are trying unsuccessfully to suppress laughter for the first half of the prayer

  2. How could you (as a middle school person) forget “gas passer”? I don’t know which is worse – the silent ones where recognition of the deed slowly spreads through the group, or the loud ones who immediately create peals of giggles.

  3. Don’t forget
    the Strategizer – the guy who doesn’t have the guts to ask for a date so he strategically places himself in the prayer circle to hold that one girls hand
    the Abstainer – the manly guy that just isn’t manly enough to hold another guys hand even when everyone’s praying

  4. What about the Tapper. They can’t seem to hold you hand long enough or keep there hand on your shoulder, they seem to consantly moving.

    I have had the “gas passer” kill off an awesome prayer time. It came from a girl who had a hearing problem. I guess she thought she could slip one out unnoticed. But it was loud and everyone busted out in laughter.

  5. Nice one on the stealth!

    As a Sweater and Tapper, this is starting to get personal.

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