stuff christians say: my favorite book is the bible

every year at our junior high pastors summit, we share book recommendations. it’s usually a diverse and intriguing list, reflective of the variety of the group. but those of us who were around the very first year, about 8 or so years ago, will always remember they one attendee who could give no other answer than “the bible.”

i was reminded of this when i saw this hilarious post recently on the stuff christians like blog, about christians who insist on saying that the bible is their favorite book, and who turn the whole question into a spiritual contest. read the whole post here. but here’s the imaginary dialogue:

1. What are your two favorite books?
“The Old Testament and the New Testament.”

2. Right, but what about other books?
“CS Lewis.” (Regardless of if you have ever read any, just name drop Lewis. Works like a charm.)

3. OK, how about fiction?
“Chronicles of Narnia or Lord of the Rings. This Present Darkness is pretty good too.”

4. What about favorite movie?
“That’s a tie between the Passion of the Christ, Facing the Giants and Braveheart. The TBS edited version of course.”

5. What would you take with you on a desert island?
“The Bible and CS Lewis.”

6. He’s dead though.
“Not on this island he isn’t.”

7. Fine, then what three people living or dead would you go out to dinner with? And don’t say Jesus, you’re going to spend eternity with him, surely you can go get baby back ribs with someone else.
“That’s a tough one. How about Moses, Paul and Zack Morris.”

8. Zack Morris isn’t real. That’s just a character played by Mark Paul-Gosselaar on the show Saved by the Bell.
“Why does that matter? In this dinner scenario you’re bringing Moses and Paul back to life, why can’t Zack Morris come? And not “College Years,” Zack Morris, I’m talking about when he was at Bayside High. That Zack.”

9. That’s absurd. This whole quiz has broken down. I’m not even sure where it’s going.
“Good, then I win.

10. Win, win what?
“The Bible.”

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  1. This reminds me of GK Chesterton who, as the story goes, was once asked by a reporter on the street if he was stranded on a desert island what is one book he’d want to take with him. Chesterton paused. The report made suggestions. The Bible? A work of Shakespeare? Then Chesterton replied, “A practical guide to boat building.”


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