stupid-amazing incentives for The Summit early reg expire tomorrow!

we’re NOT going to send you messages in october telling you we’re hoping for more attendees at The Summit, offering a special last-minute discount.

instead: we’re trying to entice you now.

have i made it clear how pumped i am about THE SEXIEST OF ALL YOUTH MINISTRY EVENTS? i’m so excited because, well, adam and i created a youth ministry event we would want to attend. TED-like, with a mix of presenters that will spark your imagination and stir your thinking.


in fact, we locked in another presenter just yesterday morning: mandy drury will be presenting on (we’re still finalizing the title, so this is a bit of a place-holder) “Congregations Where Teenagers Have a Voice.” she’ll present in session 1 (the here and now). most of you haven’t heard of mandy before — but that’s part of what’s freakin’ awesome about The Summit: we’re working hard to find people you should hear, not just people you’ve already heard before.

but that’s not why i’m posting today. i’m posting today because of the crazy-stupid-amazing incentives we came up with to get peeps to register early. there are a few tiers of these babies, but the first set of them runs out tomorrow at midnight (june 1 at the end of the day; so technically, 11:59:59, since midnight would be june 2!). here’s what you’ll get if you register by tomorrow night (or what you’ll miss out on if you don’t):

  • An invite to our private Friday night after party (value: they’ll likely be selling on craigslist for hundreds, i’m guessing)
  • A vote for who gets to speak in the soapbox session (value: the power is in your hands!)
  • Video downloads of every session (value: don’t know the actual dollar value of this; but, seriously, you know it’s huge, right?)
  • One registration to a pre-event session (value: $40. that’s not a figurative value – that’s the actual cost of the pre-event sessions)

the early bird price of $129 for groups and $149 for individuals (really, it’s that cheap) still stands beyond tomorrow night; but those incentives go away. i hear from SO MANY of you who are planning on attending — don’t wait. even if you don’t have all the names who will make up your group, just give ’em a fictitious name (get creative! name one “Marko’s Beard”!), and you can change it later. all kidding aside, i just did some quick calculations, and without exaggeration, that group of incentives is worth about $435. and you get it all free if you register for The Summit by tomorrow midnight.

(you know the crazy thing? it would be cheaper to register now and NOT attend, then to pay for the video downloads at a later date.)

2 thoughts on “stupid-amazing incentives for The Summit early reg expire tomorrow!”

  1. Will it be possible to see the videos without attending the conference? I would love to go, but am not sure its feasible this year.

  2. yeah, rachel — that’s what i was suggesting in that last line. if you register for the event by tomorrow night, you get the video downloads (and mp3 downloads) for free. while we’d rather have you there, your attendance or lack of it won’t impact the fact that you get the downloads.

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