stupidest patent application of the day, so far

ok, this is absurd. a cordless (read: no rope) jump rope for clumsy people. and the “inventor” (sorry, dude, i HAVE to put quotes around that word in your case) is actually applying for a patent! it’s two cylindrical pieces of wood! well, the “inventor” has put some little weights in the handles to “simulate” the “feel” of an “actual” “rope”. “whatever”.

11 thoughts on “stupidest patent application of the day, so far”

  1. Marko…

    Just so I can have a glimpse into your day’s; how exactly do you find this stuff? Yesterday “rectum” in school lunches and today “ropeless” jump-rope!!!!!

  2. I think that would just be called a “jump.” Or a “sit-down.” Reminds me of the time I watched Tae-Bo while sitting on my couch eating a snickers bar. That’s some good exercise.

  3. right on! This gave me an idea for another product it’s an invisible bowlingball that is 100% hole, for weak people! Man Marko thanks for this post , this sparked an idea that will provide unlimited funds that I can give to Kimball so he can buy an official Presbyterian frock for his work over there! and maybe a box of cohibas :)

  4. Are you allowed to say “Presbyterian” and “cohibas” in the same blog? :) Not that I know what cohibas are or anything???? It just sounded bad. ;)

  5. You are allowed to say “Presbyterian” and “cohibas” in the same blog post but you are not allowed to say “Baptist” and “Cohibas” in the same blog post. :-)

  6. My favorite quote from the entire article.

    “Do you need to jump with a rope? You don’t,” Ernst said. “But I wouldn’t buy the product, I can tell you that. I’m not an idiot.”

    If people will buy a pet rock though, makes sense this will be the new hit at the local gyms.

  7. chris — i don’t spend much time finding stuff like this, really! some of it, people send to me. some i find on a few sites i frequent (like dave barry’s blog).

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