11 thoughts on “super-sized jesus junk of the month award”

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  2. Sorry for the off-topic comment, but I have been looking for a previous post on here that I’ve been unable to locate.

    You linked to a web site that showed old foreign-language movie or television clips and enabled you to add captions to them. I thought it was great for doing youth announcements, but now I can’t find the link. Can you (or anyone?) point me to the right link?


  3. this quote bummed me out a little:

    “Joe Swanson’s office looks like a minister’s office — dark wood furniture on red carpet — and in a gentle voice he talks about God and Christianity, usually smiling as he does so”

    so did this one:
    “The entrance to Kingdom Ridge looks like the entrance to a church, with white pillars set in stone”

    just wish ministers offices and churches brought about different images than this i guess

  4. Just out of curiosity what bothers you about this community? If people want to live in something like this, then why does it bother you. Yeah I would not want to live there, but some people do. Never understood why some Christians feel the need to belittle other Christians for something as silly as this.

  5. randy — to me it’s not just silly, it’s a significant betrayal of what a life in jesus is all about. frankly, i think it’s 100% counter to scripture. and it’s this kind of christianism that SO hurts the name of christ and the kingdom of god in america.

    so if a club of cat lovers want to start their own subdivision, or a group of people who really like deep-dish pizza want to start their own subdivision, or even an ideological group — like a group of democrats want to start their own subdivision, i might think they’re silly. but because this christian subdivision is so counter the gospel as i understand it (and because i think this thing actually breaks the heart of god), it’s well beyond silly and well into offensive and wrong-headed.

    make sense?

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