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ian finishes 12 films in 12 months

ys staffer ian roberston has been working on a fun side project this year, which i’ve posted about here before. it’s called 12 films in 12 months, and was the huge undertaking of making 12 short films — one per month — in 12 different genres, as well as blogging about the entire adventure (here).

with ys convention season this fall, ian got a little behind; but he nailed out his last two films just in time to make it under the wire for his own self-imposed deadline.

here are the last two films:

home for christmas (there’s a little bumper surprise after the credits, so wait for it)

skytalkers (shot as a movie trailer, with starring roles by former ys staffer, now simply/group staffer, chris davis, and current ys staffer, holli bibler!)

ian’s next couple short films

ys staffer ian robertson has been working on an ambitious project this year: 12 films in 12 months. i’ve posted about this before – ian’s trying to write and produce one short film per month, all year long, and blog about the whole process. the guy has amazing creativity.

ian’s july and august films are finished and posted.

july’s flick is a complex little chase scene with a funny punch line, called “the pick up”:

and, for august, ian challenged himself with a short western, called “no rest for the weary”. catch a hitchcockian glimpse of ian himself, in a non-speaking-but-grunting role in this little gem:

oh, in other cool news: ian had his first short (from january, called “mystery box“) accepted into the san diego film festival, where it will be screened in a section called “san diego shorts”.

12 films in 12 months update

i posted before about my co-worker ian robertson’s creative side project, 12 films in 12 months. it’s a combo film and blogging project, creating a short film each month, and blogging relentlessly about the whole process. great stuff.

ian now has his may and june films up.

for ian’s may film, he wanted to take a shot at making a music video. really fun and creative stuff.

this film for june was all shot in the ys offices, and stars two ys staff (holli and carrie).