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the things that happen on a student mission trip airport layover

funny bit on the stuff christians like blog the recently about packs of teenagers and airport layovers. i’m sure youth ministry readers will resonate with this (as well as anyone who has been in an airport when there are roving mobs of teenagers traveling together):

Does anything good happen on a layover at the airport when you’re on a mission trip? I submit, “no.”

Despite your best attempts to keep the group together while you’re waiting for your next flight, a few things are going to happen:

1. You’re going to temporarily lose some kids that suddenly have the urge to explore the wonders of the Newark airport.

2. Someone will temporarily misplace their wallet.

3. The boyfriend and girlfriend couple will break up.

4. And get back together.

5. One kid will be the “where’s Billy?” kid. A phrase that is fun to yell from the aisle of a plane that is about to close its door and take off.

6. A game of four square will break out if someone has a ball.

7. A game of cards will break out if someone has a pack.

8. A game of “cards are gambling, no they’re not gambling, quit judging us” will break out if someone hates cards.

9. Someone will use their entire spending money on batteries at the airport, which cost $47.

10. A group of people will practice the praise songs you’re going to sing on the trip in terminal A.

11. Terminal B will become very crowded.