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non-voting as violence

i don’t do politics on this blog very often (and, whenever i write that, people tell me i should stay away from it more!). but i’ve heard the occasional christian, or read the occasional blog or comment, where someone says they’re not going to vote because (a) they can’t decide, or (b) they can’t support either candidate, or (c) they don’t believe in the whole process. these lines of reasoning really bug me.

now, as is obvious, i’m not a black man. but anthony smith is, and he has a brilliant post over at the emergent village blog about why non-voting is an act of violence. so good. here’s a tease…

I have this habit of being suspicious whenever white Christians tell me what to do. I think it has something to do with history. Not sure. Pray for me. But the history doesn’t look too good, for the most part. Yet I am a part of the emerging church postmodern conversation. Here I am, and I am hearing more and more voices say things that leave me in a state of tension. When I hear them say, “I am not voting because I am a Christian,” I also hear the guttural cry of slaves in the cotton fields of Alabama praying for freedom from oppression. When I hear them say, “Voting is one more means to be about the business of Empire,” I also hear the voice of an assassinated prophet say, “We must have our freedom now. We must have the right to vote. We must have equal protection of the law.”