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visual proof we’re in canada

a few pics from our vacation…

here’s our family across from the fairmont banff springs. i was holding the camera at arm’s length, trying to get us all, and the hotel, in the frame. i had to take a half dozen to get this one (i kept cutting off the kids!).

during our week in radium hot springs, we drove to the town of invermere (on lake windermere) a few times. this was our first time, in the rain, standing on a “beach” (really just gravel). clearly, max and liesl have varying perspectives on the situation.

this is proof that at least this one time in my life, i got up on a wakeboard. i stayed on it for about 10 minutes, going outside the wake on both sides. but i didn’t try any tricks, or even try to turn around. i kinda wish i’d at least tried to turn to face the other way.

we spent four fantastic hours on lake windermere one glorious afternoon (the temperature could not have been more perfect, and the sky was perfectly blue). we all took mulitple turns tubing, getting more and more daring (i tried standing, which was fun, but usually ended with me in the water). this is a nice one of me and my boy sliding outside the wake.