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new book cover, and, i got punk’d

at ys, we do our publishing interaction (within the publishing team and with the authors and freelancers) on basecamp, an online project management space. it’s great for a few reasons. first, because the four staff in our publishing team are geographically dispersed — one here in san diego, one in chicago, one in grand rapids, and one in princeton, nj. add to that that our freelance designers, editors and proofreaders are all over the place, and having an online space for work really makes sense. the other reason basecamp is cool is that it creates a totally transparent process for the authors — they see all the discussion and can chime in on any aspect where they so desire.

so… to this story. the comps for my youth ministry 3.0 book were posted to basecamp a week or so ago. i didn’t like any of ’em, and no one else really seemed to either. we all gave input, and a second round was created. the art director, in grand rapids, posted the new cover, with the comment that they had taken my desire for something bolder into account. one of the marketing peeps, and the publisher of ys both posted affirmative comments immediately, before i even had a chance to digest the whole thing. they affirmed the choice of the large, bold one-name-only MARKO across the top. and i bought it hook, line, and sinker. that’s not to say that i liked it. i thought it didn’t work at all; but tried to be really tactful and kind in my hesitant response. then the truth was revealed, and i was shown as the gullible idiot. here’s that “fake” cover:

a few more tweaks later, and with the byline in the always-intended, post-punk’d style, here’s the final cover: