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getting teenagers to read the bible

what youth worker wouldn’t like to find a way to get teenagers engaged in the bible?

that’s why The Youth Cartel partnered with Biblica (formerly International Bible Society) to create CBEmini.

CBEmini is a 9-day starter version of Biblica’s 8-week community bible experience. using a fantastic, stripped-down edition of scripture, without the verse numbers and other distractions (so it reads more like a novel), The Books of the Bible provides a way to read the bible in three ways that circumvent what biblica’s research has found as the major hurdles to bible engagement:
– we read the bible in fragments
– we read the bible without context
– we read the bible in isolation

while the full community bible experience takes groups through the entire new testament in 8 weeks, CBEmini provides youth groups, reading in small groups, a 9-day experience of reading through luke and acts. there’s a full leader’s guide, with an overview and 3 weeks of discussion guides. youth workers can choose to use the free pdf of the scripture (which we provide with the leader’s guide), free email subscriptions, or the free version of The Books of the Bible on YouVersion (the app). or, they can choose to purchase copies of The Books of the Bible new testament for an ultra-low price of $5.99 when you buy a case.

and here’s the best part: the whole thing is FREE!

yup, free. biblica’s desire is purely to help people (and, in the case of CBEmini, youth groups) experience the bible in a way that will shape their lives.

we had over 500 people at the atlanta NYWC sign up for CBEmini. but, of course, many of you weren’t there, and we’d love to have you join us in this extremely cool experience!

CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP. you can also join us on facebook, or follow on twitter.