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favorite pics from bryce canyon

i’m so glad we stopped at bryce canyon (in utah) for a couple days on our way to park city. just amazing. one of the most unique landscapes i’ve ever seen. we drove around a bit and took short hikes to various view points. we had a nice picnic lunch. then we took a brutal (for us, since we’re out of shape and it was at high altitude!) hike down into the canyon and — puff, puff — back up.

here are 7 of my favorite pics:

park city

this morning, my family heads off on a 10-day vacation. we’ll spend the first couple nights at a cheap hotel outside of bryce canyon national park, and a full day in that park. i’ve never been to bryce, and am really looking forward to it. a good day of hiking will do this currently-fat body good.

then, on saturday, we drive the rest of the way to park city, utah, where we’ll spend a week in a timeshare exchange. never been to park city before either.

it’s kinda funny how we ended up going there. back sometime around april or may, jeannie and i realized that with liesl planning on counseling at camp and attending another camp, and with max going to camp and a missions trip, our summer was quickly going to slip away unless we got busy planning some family time. but we didn’t think we could do anything too fancy (or too expensive). so we checked the timeshare exchange website (we own a timeshare here in san diego). of course, it was way too late to get anything coastal. and the only things showing as available, within driving distance, were in psycho-hot, like palm springs, vegas, or phoenix. no thanks — we don’t do 120-degree vacations. but then we stumbled on this place in park city, and saw that the average temp in park city at this time of year is about 80 or 85. that we could do.

so, we know we’ll do what our family does on vacations: sleep in, play games, watch movies, read books.

but we want to take advantage of whatever park city has to offer also. we know we’ll check out the winter olympic center. don’t think we’ll do the bobsled thing — so expensive. but we’re probably going to spend a day at park city mountain resort, riding the alpine slides and zip lines and stuff. but other than that, we’re pretty clueless.

anyone got recommendations for us??

anyone live in park city and want to have coffee??

(btw: blogging will be even lighter than normal, i expect, for the rest of this month.)