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photo in need of a caption

ah, monday morning. good time for a caption contest. best one wins the ys book o’ your choice, as usual.

(ht to rob craig for pointing out the photo)


Worst ping-pong injury EVER. (joel) (ysmarko: omg, that’s funny)

Lord Helmet has picked up a corporate sponsor. (joe t)

google goes dentistry (randy)

Google body map (tyler v)

Pluto’s revenge (jeremy)

the modern day version of jonah (thadd)

All of this high-tech equipment and they still can’t make a power chord long enough to reach the wall! (dave brower)

The end result of “googling” yourself. (jeremy)

“Life” would be so much better if I was my brother Marvin. (jeff moulton) (ysmarko: props for correctly assuming i would get this one!)

Albino Pacman’s dentist wants to quit his day job. (jeremy street)

YS, introduces a new product-the “virtual retreat”, a safe stay at home alternative for homeschooled middle schoolers (dan)

The new “google toilet” proves to be less discrete than Marko had hoped. (chad farrand)

and the winner is…

joel, with “Worst ping-pong injury EVER.” lots of great ones this time, but joel’s was wonderfully odd and made me laugh. shoot me an email with your book choice, joel!

photo in need of a caption

what it really is: the Nike (Burger) Air Max 90 by Olle Hemmendorff, a Swedish illustrator/designer who was commissioned by Nike (along with 7 other artists) to “interpret” their sneakers. Olle decided to make one out of … hamburger! (ht to neatorama)

but, for our purposes here at ysmarko, it’s a photo in serious need of a caption. best one gets the ys book of your choice.

not as many contenders as they’re often are — i’m thinking maybe this picture was just too obvious, and didn’t cause people to be quite as creative.

Just Eat It. (susan)

Would you like to Shaq-size your shoeburger for $0.49? (jeremy street)

Surprisingly they actually offer quite good arch support. (rooster) (ysmarko: i’m not sure if you intended the mcdonald’s/arch reference or not, rooster; but it was a nice play on words whether you meant it or not!)

Hamburgler + Cinderella = (john c)

Hell for a glutton with a shoe fetish…to eat or not to eat. (trey bledsoe)

Open mouth, insert shoe. (jeff pom)


gonna go with the nice and simple play on words from jeff pom: Open mouth, insert shoe.

shoot me an email with your book choice, jeff.

photo in need of a caption

it’s been a while. best caption wins the ys book of your choice…


mownhenge (jeff gill)

“Honey call the Druid Youth Priest. The teenagers stoned our yard again.” (kyle stoeckig)

Before forking a yard there was this . . . (howie)

hell (ben v)

slave to technology (corey)

A pastors day off. (ben v)

Lowe’s has everything else…why can’t a man find a good henge trimmer when he needs it? (brooklyn)

As Youth Pastor Jim already had to take care of IT, leading worship, and enduring comments about being groomed for “real” ministry, then an elder noticed the grass was a little high… (brian r)

“NYWC: The Early Years – Les Christie prepares to lead his first seminar on games.” (ginny)

Must tidy things up for the aliens. (brad killian)

Holy Mowly!! (trey bledsoe)

George Barna tries to boost the sales of “Pagan Christianity” by doing a book tour. (ginny) (ysmarko: ooh, ginny’s on a role with two contenders!)

PBR him ASAP (rooster)

When I took the job at YS nobody told me I’d be responsible for the upkeep of Marko’s breakdancing arena… (brian r)

and the winner is…

this was a tough one — a few serious final contenders. i waffled between ginny’s about les’ games seminar, jeff’s simple “mownhenge”, corey’s “slave to technology”, and the one i went with in the end as the winner:

Lowe’s has everything else…why can’t a man find a good henge trimmer when he needs it? (brooklyn)

shoot me an email with your book choice, brooklyn!

photo in need of a caption

aw, here’s a good one. lots of potential. they’re ferrets, btw. you know the rules…

(http://www.flickr.com/photos/doshdosh/ / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0“>)


dang, you guys is funny! here’s some that are in the running right now…

One Bourbon,
One Scotch,
Three ferrets… (dj)

Draco martini (rob)

Uhh…bartender. I asked for my baby ferrets on the rocks. (brian)

you see, the Trinity is like this… (justin)

Billy fails his bartending final. (kevin i)

Michael Eisner sits to enjoy his morning protein shake. (dave brower)

Youth Ministry 3.0 (brian aaby)

Being that Stuart Little is so famous, you would think he could afford a larger jacuzzi. (othy)

and the winner is…

yeah, i think i have to go with “draco martini” from rob, especially since, as i type, my wife is reading harry potter to my son. shoot me an email, rob.