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jesus junk of the month award

it’s been a while since i’ve awarded the jjotm award. i doubt it’s been due to a shortage of jesus junk. more likely, it’s just been off my radar. but, today, i must resurrect (ha!) the award, thanks to my friend and coworker, ian, who sent me a link to this beauty:

the talking jesus doll

it look a bit like a gag; but i think it’s real. surely, anything with “authentic linen robes” must be real, right? glad to know that linen is authentic, ’cause i can’t even imagine giving my child a freaky little talking jesus doll with the voice of a bad actor and an INauthentic linen robe. surely, an INauthentic linen robe would destroy the budding faith of my child. in fact, it would likely lead my child to draw the kind of (il)logical conclusions so prevalent these days: if the linen is inauthentic, then the entire faith system must be inauthentic!.

make sure you watch the little video, btw. it’s precious.