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failed christian book titles

the first couple of these randomly popped into my head a few weeks ago, so i kept a running list. all in good fun, of course. and just wonderfully, horribly insiderish, right? please, feel free to add to the list!

Imago Doh!

Waterboarded by Grace


Blended: An Allegory of Lowest Common Denominator Worship

The Gospel According to Justin Bieber

Amazing Taste: All Aboard Cooking With John Newton

Once Bitten, Thrice Reformed: The New Trinity of MacArthur, Piper, and Driscoll

Passing the Piece: Wife-Swapping in the Church

Watchu Talkin’ ‘Bout Willard: Dallas for Dummies

Let’s Grohl: Uncovering the Surprising Thread of Airline Vigilanteism and Spirituality in Foo-Fighters Songs

Crazy Glove: Uncovering the Surprising Connection Between OJ Simpson and Francis Chan

I’ll Be Back, by Kate Gosslin, with a foreword by Arnold Schwarzenegger

The Five Love Languages for Pets
Boundaries for Pets

The Little Series of Pastoral How-To Books:
How to Appear Homespun Like Rick Warren
How to Cry Like Bill Hybels
How to Finger Point Like John Piper
How to Sidestep Like Joel Osteen
How to Deadpan Like Andy Stanley
How to Pace the Stage Like Rob Bell

Refsubmission Rev

Take This Bread, Please: The Eucharistic Humor of Henny Youngman

Under My Thumb: The New Pastor’s Guide to Staff Relationships

Found in the Baptismal: A Scratch ‘N’ Sniff Book

stereotypical camp counselors

ooh, before the summer is completely over, and need to point to this hilarious post on stuff christians like about the 7 kinds of christian camp counselors found at every camp. funny, funny stuff.

click through for the descriptions, but the categories are:

1. The Joe Cool
That guy that all the girls love.
Natural Enemy:
Sir No Showers a Lot

2. The Disciple
Prayer Warrior, Holy Roller, Hardcore for Heaven
Natural Enemy:
The Pastor’s Kid

3. Sir No Showers a Lot
Stinky, Smelly, Dude bathe already
Natural Enemy:

4. The Nicest Person that Ever Lived
Natural Enemy:
That’s not very nice of you to ask.

5. The Reformed Rebel
The legend
Natural Enemy:
The Narc

6. The Narc
Phariswat Team, Fun Police
Natural Enemy:
Everyone, particularly people “making purple.”

7. The Rebel
The bad seed, the “how did that guy get to be a counselor” guy
Natural Enemy:
Whoever finds the contraband he hid in a shallow hole by the ropes course.

any more you creative, youth working, ysmarko readers would like to add?