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blessed coffee, elixer of life (a prayer, a poem, and a hymn for coffee)

coffee beansa prayer
Oh blessed coffee,
drip for us always,
that you may revive us and give us fortitude,
perk for us always,
that you may grant us alertness in this life
brew for us always,
that you may reward us with buzz.

beat poetry
locally roasted fair trade coffee
so nutty
so bold
so sat… tis… fy… (wait for it…) ing
you fill my mug
this a; this m; this mor-ning
special blend
a dolla more
but worth every cent
to these lips
this throat
this stomach
this buzzy-brain
o Helix Mountain Coffee
coffee of coffees
roaster of roasters
of bean
of bean
of rich, nutty, perfect little bean

a hymn (with apologies or thanks to James M. Black)
When the steeping of the press shall end, and waiting be no more,
And the morning breaks, eternal, bright and fair;
When the smell of beans so roasted drifts up to my nostrils flared,
And the coffee pot is brewing, I’ll be there.

When the coffee pot is brew-ing,
When the coffee pot is brew-ing,
When the coffee pot is brew-ing,
When the coffee pot is brewing I’ll be there.

From McDonald’s, Starbuck’s, Cosmos or the 7-11 stop
From the old urn that brews it down the hall
From Via packets while i’m camping to the french press I love most
When the coffee pot is brewing I’ll be there.


Set the timer before bedtime or get up and lumber down
to the perking brewing goodness that awaits
grind the beans to make it fresh and don’t destroy with flavored creams
when the coffee pot is brewing I’ll be there.


how many cups of coffee would it take to kill you?

i think i’ve seen this before, a few years ago. but it’s a good one that warrants re-sharing.

this little app, called “death by caffeine“, allows you to choose from hundreds of drinks (not just coffee) and other num-nums, enter your weight, and click “kill me”. the result shows you how many of that item it would take to bring things to an end for you.

with cheery little results like:

333.67 cans of Diet Coke + You = Death.

After 45.50 cups of Starbucks Grande Coffee, you’d be pushing up daisies.

It would take 93.84 cans of Monster to put you down.

coffee heaven

i walked in the door on a monday evening a few weeks back, and the entire house smelled like coffee. it was glorious.

my wife is coordinating a coffee sales thing as a fundraiser for my son’s school class. she’s working with a local roaster who’s providing a couple exclusive blends (one strong, one medium) of all organic and fair trade beans. they’re all roasted within a few days of the giant tubs arriving at our house, so they are the utmost in freshness.

now, weeks later, i get this treat about once a week, when a couple new tubs arrive. i often grab a couple beans and crunch them in my mouth — they’re just so good. on days i have more time, we use a french press with this stuff; and on other mornings, i just use my starbucks barista drip maker. i hope they stick with this fundraiser for a few years (it’s raising funds for max’s 8th grade trip, and he’s in 5th grade right now!), so i get to continue smelling and tasting this amazing coffee.