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monday morning update, march 2, 2009

the weekend that was: it was a nice weekend at home. pretty chill, though not totally empty. we had an out-of-town guest (a good friend) here for the weekend, and she and jeannie and i went out for mediterranean food friday night (i do likes me some shawarma, nan bread and baby ganoush). saturday, max and i drove liesl to a hair appt, and had a great time getting caught up at starbucks. then the three of us went to see confessions of a shopaholic, which was actually pretty cute. then a yummy lunch at rubios (which i hadn’t been to in a while). in the evening, i went out with a group of friends from our home church to celebrate my friend john’s birthday. a great dinner at a fish place (i had the calamari relleno – a calamari steak, wrapped around some chilis, stuff with some goodness of some sort, all lightly fried, with a jalapeno cream sauce). then we all went to this karaoke place. such a dive, and so crowded. i submitted some songs (actually, i’d scratched down some possibilities i was considering, and of of my “friends” submitted it), but didn’t get called up before we left — which was just find with me. sunday morning, jeannie and i got together with the parents of liesl’s new boyfriend (a kid from her class that she’s been close friends with for years, and whom we really like). it was a great chat – they’re cool people (and she teaches at the school). just good to be on the same page about boundaries and stuff like that. then church, followed by souplantation (wow, it really was a weekend of eating out!), and running the kids around a bit.

the weather, i should add, was stunning this weekend. low 80s (and the “feel index” says it feels like 90), with lots of sun. seems like spring is here in san diego, if not summer!

where i am at the moment: another week with no travel! yeah.

on my to-do list this week: more budget stuff, more moving stuff (we’re moving the ys office in a few months), and more catch-up stuff. i seem to have a lot of lunch appointments this week, for some reason.

procrastinating about: taxes.

book i’m in the midst of: same as last week, i think. i didn’t read this past week at all.

music that seemed to catch my attention this past week: three things really caught my attention this week. first, i made a play list of 9 albums by beck, and listened to them on random assortment for three days. man, that dude is so creative. then, i got my hands on jeff johnson’s newest release, called “journey prayers”, and listened to that for a couple days. beautiful, prayerful, contemplative, peaceful, rich. finally, i downloaded a funky jazz organ cd by an old dude named dr. lonnie smith. mmmm, tasty.

how was that for variety!?

next trip: next sunday, i drive up to forest home camp (in the mountains NE of LA) for our annual jh pastors summit. this is a gang of long-term middle school peeps who’ve met every year for about 8 in a row, i think. this year our guest is dave gibbons (more on that next week, i’m sure). then, i’m way overdue for a silent retreat, so i’ve decided to take advantage of forest home’s willingness to let pastors and ministry types use their cabins during the week (most christian camps do this — it’s a great way to take a retreat). so i’m staying up there for a few more days.

how i’m feeling about this week: nothing too major on the docket, which is nice.