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cornel west and david crowder: twins separated at birth?

the other night in grand rapids, i was chillin’ in my hotel room trying to get sleepy (time change and all), and i surfed onto the colbert report. dr. cornel west, multi-talented radical philosphy professor at princeton (also rapper and author and speaker and pot-stirrer) was the interview. really interesting, mostly because the dude is so pickin’ animated and quirky. really fun to watch.

here’s the interview on the colbert report website

anyhow, i’m watching west, and his distinctive look and mannerisms; and suddenly it strikes me: he and crowder look like each other! yeah, i know — that’s weird. but, seriously, they do. especially when you watch the interview and see his mannerisms.

so, i now posit to you, faithful (or occasional) reader of ysmarko: dr. cornel west and david crowder, twins separated at birth. or, since crowder is so much younger, maybe it’s david crowder: cornel west’s secret love child (ooh, the scandal!). see for yourself: