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canadian youth workers conference

last year, ys took a risk, found a great partner, and launched the first-ever canadian youth workers conference. we’d had canadians making their way down to our national youth workers conventions in the states for years. but it wasn’t really reflective of canadian youth ministry, and was pretty pricey back in those years when the u.s. dollar was stronger than the canadian dollar.

that first event last year surpassed all of our expectations. with about 700 in attendance, the event was a smashing success, mostly due to the support of a wonderful group of partner denominations and youth ministry organizations. it was a crazy-beautiful combination of churches and people, and the spirit of god was palpable. i blogged about it quite a bit:

o, canada!

cwyc, saturday evening

cwyc, sunday morning (if you only click through one, read this one)

cwyc, last post

photos and an article from the cywc

at that event, we had a dinner with those leading all the denominational partners. we asked them if they wanted to repeat the event. the response was unanimously positive. we asked where they thought we should hold the event in its second year (the event was in vancouver last year). they were also unanimous about this: toronto, december 4 – 7.

so, the website is up, registration is open (in fact, the super early bird deadline has already passed), and the list of partner denoms and organizations is growing.

here’s the website.

here’s a link for scholarship help.

and here’s the list of partnering denoms and organizations:

• The Presbyterian Church in Canada
• Apostolic Youth Ministries International
• CBM Youth
• Sonlife/Youthfront
• Canadian Youth Network
• Christian and Missionary Alliance
• Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada
• Nazarene Youth Ministry International
• YFC Canada
• Evangelical Missionary Church
• Brethren in Christ
• MB Conference
• Salvation Army of Canada
• North American Baptist
• The Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches of Canada (new this year)
• Christian Reformed Church of N. America
• United Church of Canada (new this year)
• Canadian Youth Worker
• Southern Baptist Convention of Canada
• Canadian Catholic Youth Ministry Network
• Muskoka Woods Sports Resort
• The Wesleyan Church
• Independent Christian Churches
• Mennonite Church of Canada
• Anglican Church of Canada (new this year)

here’s the promo video: